Client Testimonials

Jim has the experience to get your business website ranked high on google page 1 of it’s Search Engine Result Page. He will go after those competitive keywords & outrank your competitors’ websites because he knows the ranking factors that Google says is important.

Sayuri FretzEntrepreneur, Investor

Jim is a dedicated SEO expert. He specializes in both on-site and off-site search engine optimization. He understands that in order to rank high in the Search Results Pages that Google will look for Relevance. With Jim’s experience on link building he will put your site on Google page 1 because he will go after all of the relevant keywords and the most relevant links that Google says are ranking factors. So Jim and his team at Austin James SEO, will expend the proper time and energy to make sure you get the high ranking results your online business website deserves.

Chrish HarishMarketing Manager and Director at Aimeredge